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An Electric Bike for Every Purpose

Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Lightweight Cargo Bike - Our lightest and most nimble cargo bike. Made in the USA. $1,200 without motor. $3,000 with BBSHD crank drive motor and battery.
Juiced U500 Compact Cargo Bike - Our sturdiest most comfortable bike. $1,999
Dahon Speed D7 - Short uphill commutes; more power. Twice the power of our featherweight folder; seven speeds; beefier brakes. $1,850
Yuba Mundo 21 Lux - The Yuba Mundo is the family van of the biking world; let us outfit yours with an Ithaca-strength electric motor. $3,498
Electric City Bike - Medium commutes; upright riding position. Here's a very utilitarian bike made even more useful with the addition of an electric motor. $2,250
Electric Mountain Bike - Long distance commutes on both roads and trails; faster. We install motors on a variety of base bikes including road/mountain hybrids and 29ers. about $2,000 to $2,300
Electric Cargo Bike - Carry passengers and stuff. Need to carry kids to school? Carry tools to the worksite? Carry groceries home? Consider an electric cargo bike. Starting at $2,800

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