Electric City Bike


We base our Electric City bike on the Civia Twin City 5-speed, which is available with either an open frame or a step over frame. 

Our Electric City Bike begins with a lightweight refined Civia bicycle with 5-speed hub. We add a crank drive motor and a 48v10ah lithium battery.

The Bike

Civia is an uncompromising bicycle manufacturer specializing in elegant utilitarian bikes. The Civia Twin City features a five speed internally-geared hub, high-quality v-brakes, and a matching rack integrated with the frame. It comes with either a graceful mixte-style frame or a step-over frame.

Hub Motor

The Electric City is powered by a 750 watt Bafang BBS-02 crank drive motor. Crank drive means this motor replaces a bike’s crank axle rather than the hub of a wheel. This type of motor has incredibly low gearing (meaning incredible hill-climbing ability) due to both internal gearing and the fact that it makes use of the bike’s drive train for even lower gearing. The electric bike community is raving about this motor. It represents a breakthrough in price and performance for this type of motor.


Our Electric City uses a Grin 48v10ah Lithium Ion battery mounted on the bike’s integrated rack. These batteries have an attractive  case, are relatively lightweight (8 pounds), have a 24 mile range, and can produce more than enough power for the 750 watt Bafang motor.


Civia Twin City: $550
Bafang crank drive motor: $800
Grin 48v10ah battery and mounting hardware: $900
TOTAL: $2,250

Consider accessories such as lights, fenders, helmets, and locks.

This web page may not reflect out most current prices—stop by for a test drive and an estimate.