Electric Mountain Bike

Motobecane 550HT: general purpose mountain bike; base (non-motorized) bike is $399

Motobecane 529HT: optimized for trails; base bike is $399


Adventure Elite X5: optimized for roads; base bike is $499

Motobecane 450HT: budget model; base bike is $319

The Best Base Bikes for Braking

An ebike motor is the best tool for getting uphill; the best tool for getting downhill in Ithaca is hydraulic disc brakes. These are the most powerful type of brake available for bicycles. Online distributor Motobcane produces several models of relatively inexpensive base (non-motorized) bicycles that have good hydraulic disc brakes: the 550HT, 529HT, and the Adventure Elite. The main difference between these models is their tires. The 550HT (currently $399) has 26″ tires the perform well on both roads and trails; the 529HT  (currently $399) has larger 29″ tires set up for trail riding; and the Adventure Elite X5 mountain/road hybrid (currently $499) is set up with thinner 700c tires for best performance on roads. The 450HT (currently $319) is similar to the 550HT but has mechanical (cable operated) disc brakes instead of hydraulic. Choose one of these models for your Electric Mountain Bike, or work with us to find a used or new bike you’d like to electrify.

Hub Motor

Our Electric Mountain Bike uses the Grin Technologies Ezee rear geared hub motor. This is a high-torque motor fully capable of carrying a loaded bike uphill. We’ve been working with Grin Technologies for several years and we appreciate that they are leaders in the electric bike community.


Our Electric Mountain Bike uses a Grin Technologies 48v10ah lithium battery ($899). These batteries have an attractive protective case, are relatively lightweight (8 pounds), have a 24 mile range, and can produce 750 watts, perfect for a performance bike. A budget option is Grin Technologies’ 36v9ah battery ($649) which has a 16 mile range.


Motebecane mountain bike: $319 to $499
Ezee motor: $1,000
Grin 36v9ah or 48v10ah battery: $650 or $900
installation included
TOTAL: about $2,000 to $2,300

 Other motor and battery options are available—please inquire!
Consider our accessories such as lights, fenders, helmets, and locks.

This web page may not reflect our most current prices—stop by for a test drive and an estimate.