The bikes, ebike kit motors and batteries we sell have individual warranties from each manufacturer, typically for at least one year. Manufacturers will either repair or replace (at their discretion) products under warranty. We will help our customers troubleshoot problems and contact manufacturers.


Boxy Bikes does not offer returns or money back guarantees of any kind. So before buying any product–bikes, parts, apparel and accessories–be sure it has the color, size and abilities you want. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if a bike is a good fit before purchasing it. We make it easy for you to try before you buy. In most cases you can rent a bike before buying it. If you end up buying that bike or a similar bike we will refund the rental price for up to one week of rental.

Boxy Bikes May Purchase Your Used Product for Cash or Trade-In Value

If you want to sell a product (a product either purchased at Boxy Bikes or purchased elsewhere) Boxy Bikes can help. Because Boxy Bikes is the only ebike and cargo bike store in upstate New York, it is easy for us to sell your used ebike or cargo bike, or other bike-related product, saving you the hassle of trying to sell it yourself. There are three  scenarios in which Boxy Bikes may buy a product from a customer, at Boxy Bikes’ discretion: Boxy Bikes may accept it as a trade-in on a new product you want to buy, we may pay you cash for it, or we can offer it for sale to our customers for you (consignment). In general you will get the most value on a trade-in. Trade-in value is approximately the product’s wholesale price (typically up to 66% of your purchase price) minus depreciation (typically 20% to 30% a year if the product is in good conition). Cash value will be less.


Consignment is an agreement between you and Boxy Bikes that Boxy Bikes will attempt to sell your bike-related product for a specified period of time, typically three months. You still own the product and you can take it back at any time. Boxy Bikes puts the price on it that you specify and shows it to potential customers. When the bike sells, Boxy Bikes takes 30% of the sales price and gives you 70%. There is no guarantee that your product will sell. You may get more money for a product sold on consignment but there is the risk that it won’t sell.

Used Products Sold by Boxy Bikes

Used bikes are a great deal, but note that used products are sold without warranty. Boxy Bikes has a yearly rental fleet sale in the fall. Also we occasionally have used bikes for sale on consignment.

Service Agreement

Storage Fee

We have limited storage space in Press Bay Alley, and the space we do have is expensive. Our policy is that after we complete a repair we will notify you, the customer, by phone or email. If you don’t pick up your bike within 10 days of that notification, we reserve the right to put your bike in our off-site storage. We will charge you $20 to retrieve your bike from our off-site storage. If we don’t hear from you within three months, we reserve the right to donate your bike to a local non-profit such as the Friends Bike Clinic.

When Something Breaks

Boxy Bikes repairs both electric bikes and non-electric bikes. There may be times when in the process of our repairing a bike a part breaks. Often there is a gray area whether it is something we are responsible for. We will always pay for any damage we are responsible for. Situations that we are not responsible for include:

  • worn tire sidewalls, treads or beads causing a blow-out; worn tire beads causing a tire to slip radially and wear a hole in an inner tube
  • repeat flats; while we do everything we can to find the cause of a flat, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to replace tires or other parts that cause repeat flats
  • inability to remove or damage to unusually tight and/or corroded parts; these often include freewheels, disc brake bolts, bottom bracket fixed cups and seat posts
  • weak parts that break, in particular plastic parts, parts modified by the customer or previously damaged parts

Leftover Parts

Often in the course of a bike repair or ebike kit install, there will be parts left over. Unless a customer specifies otherwise, parts will be donated to Friends Bike Clinic, a free weekly bike repair workshop sponsored by Boxy Bikes.

Basic Repairs vs. Projects

Boxy Bikes distinguishes between “basic repairs” and “projects”. A basic repair is an established procedure that is billed at a set rate. See our current rate sheet. A project is an open-ended repair that may require troubleshooting, research, and light manufacturing. Ebike electrical repairs are typically projects, not basic repairs. Unlike basic repairs, projects are billed by the hour, currently $60/hour. Before starting a project, Boxy Bikes will give an estimate for and bill for the initial troubleshooting, typically $60. The goal of the troubleshooting will not be to make the repair itself, but to provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to continue to the next stage of the project. A project is often a gamble for the customer. A project has an indeterminate outcome. A possible outcome is that we determine that the bike is not repairable. Another possible outcome is that the cost of a project may exceed the cost of the bicycle itself. Often it is not worthwhile to begin a project on an old bike or unusual bike unless it has sentimental value, since replacement parts might not be available.