Power Folder


Our Power Folder is based on the Dahon Speed D7, a popular seven-speed folding bike.

We start with a Dahon Speed D7 folding bike. To this we add a small-but-powerful E-BikeKit rear geared hub motor and a lightweight lithium battery. The motor has internal gears, and the bike’s small 20″ rims give the hub motor even lower gearing. Result: the perfect short-commute bike that can climb the steepest hills in Ithaca with a minimum of effort.

The Bike

The Dahon D7 is an attractive seven- speed bike with 20″ wheels. It folds in seconds. It is very lightweight at only 29 pounds. With its long seat post it fits adults of all sizes as well as teenagers of all temperments. It comes with a rack and fenders.

Hub Motor

Don’t be deceived by the small size of this motor—it can out-climb any human-powered bike. Weighing only seven pounds, it can output 750 watts of power (about one horsepower). Boxy Bikes has been a dealer of E-BikeKit products for several years; they are a reputable manufacturer that supports their products well.


The Power Folder uses a Grin Technologies 36v9ah LiFePo4 battery with about a 16-mile range. The battery weighs about 8 pounds.


Dahon D7 folding bike: $550
E-BikeKit rear geared hub motor: $650
Grin 36v9ah battery and rack-mounting hardware: $650
installation included
TOTAL: $1,850

Prices are subject to change; stop by for a test drive and an estimate.