Rentals rates are:

  • $12/hour
  • $34 return the same day
  • $44 return the next day
  • $170 weekly, $360 monthly, and $800 for a four month semester

To rent a bike contact us at or call (607) 216-8274. Tell us the bike(s) you want and the dates and times you would like to reserve. For rentals over $50 we request a 15% non-refundable deposit to reserve the bikes. We’ll invoice you by email for the reservation. By reserving a bike you agree to this rental agreementYou can check out and check in during our regular hours.

Most of our bikes are electric. All bikes are provided with a helmet and cable lock. Overnight ebike rentals are provided with a charger for charging the bike overnight. If you plan to ride at night we can provide front and rear lights. We rent the following types of bikes:

Juiced U500 compact cargo bike. This is a very comfortable bike with a 40 mile range. It is an excellent hill climber. It can carry lots of stuff including small people.

Electric mountain bikes. These bikes are faster than the U500 but require a rider who is used to an athletic riding posture and who is used to changing gears appropriately for climbing hills. They have a 25-mile range. They weigh only slightly more than a non-electric bike.

Electric folding bikes.  These bikes have a long seat post so they fit teens and adults of all sizes. They can fold up so that they fit inside cars.

Electric cargo bikes. We can fit child seats or rails to these bikes to carry kids. They can also be used to carry loads of a few hundred pounds.

Bike trailer. Use this trailer to haul loads of up to 500 pounds.

Non-electric road bike. We have one very lightweight high-quality road bike for athletic riders. Fits riders who are medium to medium-large in size. Requires some familiarity with using a road bike.